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Roughly, an X2 performs at just more than a P4 of the same speed (in Ghz, not in rating). Your own benchmark shows that, and it holds across many speeds. Memory speed might change things by a few percentage points, but you didn't supply or ask for that kind of detail.

For Core2Duo and small FFT sizes, double the actual Ghz speed and subtract 10% for equivalent P4 speed. A 2.4Ghz C2D-6600 would run about the same as a P4-4300Mhz, for instance.

I have one of each of these chips at speeds different from yours, and my own estimates fit both my home-machine data and your supplied data; again, details such as memory speed or type, motherboard chipset, etc can alter this by a few percentage points. For deciding among architectures, it's good enough.

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