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I don't think that learning a foreign language and learning native language are very easily comparable because you are learning your native language on a different level to which you learn foreign language. During high school I learned Japanese (it was only compulsory to learn a foreign language during the first year of high school, but I continued for all five anyway) and got brilliant grades for learning basic language. In my fourth year I failed English because I couldn't put into words the deep meanings of Shakespeare's Macbeth or draw accurate comparisons between poems written during the second world war. I can, of course, speak English plenty well enough for everyday usage.

In my opinion, it is more important to take the subjects that you find interesting, because after all, it is those that you want to be using later in your life. If you don't find native language interesting, you shouldn't [have to] take it. The same goes for foreign language, or any other subject. (except math :P)

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