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Default Modern Foreign Languages in schools

I am sure many of you here have learnt a foreign language - I'm in the process of learning German right now... and I have a thought on the way education works with regard to MFL.

I see many people in schools that struggle with their native tongue (English, in my case) - and yet, because their school is a language college their school makes them take a foreign language on to GCSE level or higher. This strikes me as a really odd way of educating that student - why make them learn a foreign language (especially in an accelerated manner, as GCSEs have age limits that have to be adhered to) when they can't grasp the language they've learned all their life? Predominantly, the students I see with this "english deficiency" seem to be good at vocational work, specifically electronics; even subjects such as music and art, which are based around expression.

In what sense is a human good at expressing themself in one manner and bad in another? Is there a psychological reason why someone would be incapable of expression in their native tongue, or is there a more shallow issue - perhaps to do with the mechanisms of education and how it likes to shove unwilling participants in to subjects that do not interest them or give them enough enjoyment to keep them partially awake?
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