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Sure thing! In the new RPS team drive and other group activities,
we have done the K selection and sieving for you. All you have to
do is run LLR. If you want to venture out into testing your own K,
you can select one here, sieve it, then run LLR yourself. It all
depends on how you want to work. The group searches are usually
split up into chunks of 3-4 days of work. If you run your own K and
find a productive one, you may stick with that one for months
reporting primes along the way. Basically, less communication is
needed and you have more 'control'.

For details on how to sieve and run LLR, you can see the post
in the 15k forum at
Note, the minimum n (nmin in the post) for a top-5000 prime is around
203000 now so I'd start with a range of 203000-250000. For the Ks
listed here, I would expect, *on average*, about 2 primes to be in that range.
The 'on average' meaning that the productivity of a certain K isn't really
known. Measuring the number of primes in the range 0-10k is a reasonable
first guess, but no guarantee. So the strategy may be to run a K in
the n=200-250k range and see how it goes. If no primes result, pick
another K. If you get 2-3 primes, you will probably want to continue
on in the 250k+ range. Of course, the larger the prime, the longer it'll
stick around on the top-5000 list.

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