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I want to introduce myself shortly at first . I am a 46 years old man from Turkey . I intrested in math for 2 years as a special intrest . especialy I intrested in prime numbers . my studies can be collected in 9 10 topic . I get some new results for me but not for World yet . I also try to improve my math knowladge . because understandig mathmeticans language is hard for me
İn this study I am behind of highly probabilty of twin primes ad higly probability of prime numbers . this numbers cant be named as prime but have a higher percentage than random numbers .
For example . determined 50 numbers between 1 ad 100.000 has this results . 10 number is eliminated because of #3 - #5 or #5 - #7 number format . the twin prime number ratio is 10/40 . the twin prime number ratio of biggest 10 number is 1 / 10 .
When we get 150 number pair betweeen 1 ad 100.000 . 40 number pair are not have twin prime speciality . totaly 30/110 twin prime number ratio . biggest 30 number has 4/22 ratio to be twin primes .
I want to get more guess in first 100.000 twin primes

So I am not tryig lotary ticket to twin primes . as I understad checkig guested numbers for twin prime speciality is impossile for me . so improvig this study and try to make it article is so logical

Thaks for intrest
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