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If there is anyone who can help me please contact me. Thanks!
There is a program called PFGW which will take just about anything you throw at it and run a probable prime test that is better than just looking at some digits of it. Just put the number into a text file (or, better, if you have a more efficient formula for it, you can use the flag -q"INSERT FORMULA HERE") and use PFGW to crunch it.

There are no promises on it being particularly quick - if you dedicate a desktop computer to it, I'm fairly certain it'll finish in a year? Couple months? I really don't know the timescale for PRP tests on big numbers like that

At the very least, if it's a probable prime, it will let you know there's a very good chance it's prime - and, if the form of the number is conducive to it, may even let you absolutely prove it's primality. Would check if it's "probably" prime first, though.
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