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That's why they are "virtual".
"Fictive", fictional. Pufff ! Hihi.
I agree that it is kinda confusing, in some situations. I have colleagues which are smart and educated in related fields, like electronics or math, and they imagine you have 8 cores inside of a 4-core HT CPU, from which 4 are "real" and "better", and the other 4 are "not so good" or "not so real" but you still "can use them for some easy work".
But that's the terminology, confuse or not.
As bad as it can be in some situations, it saves headache in other. For example, "threads" is reserved for the things you are currently running in your computer. You may have 50 threads running in a machine with 4 physical cores, in spite fo the fact that, when HT is enabled, the OS believes the machine has 8 cores. (you can not say "machine has 8 threads" haha). And that's the situation always, just open Task Manager ans see how many processes and threads are running simultaneously in your machine (with 2*N virtual cores )

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