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Keep plugging away on those assignments. I don't know what happened to the CPUs (in ATH's case, I think they got "reassigned" to the anonymous account) but the assignments should still be valid.

I'll see if I can't track down your particulars and figure out what happened. For now I guess I'd just say, unless you really need to merge CPUs for some reason, best to leave it be.

EDIT: I think I found the 2 computers...yeah, they were switched to the anonymous user so I moved them back to your account. The reason 2 might show up is that something significant changed on your computer that made it think it was a new system (could be a new OS, new motherboard, whatever) so it generates a new GUID... that GUID is really what keeps track of machines even if they have the same "cpu name".
I have the same problem too.
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