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Default CADO-NFS Square Root Error

I was trying to factor a c155, everything went well until:

Info:Linear Algebra: Starting
Info:Linear Algebra: Total cpu/real time for bwc: 171995/12675.5
Info:Linear Algebra: Aggregate statistics:
Info:Linear Algebra: Krylov: WCT time 7918.53, iteration CPU time 0.04, COMM 0.01, cpu-wait 0.02, comm-wait 0.0 (114000 iterations)
Info:Linear Algebra: Lingen CPU time 1287.91, WCT time 103.11
Info:Linear Algebra: Mksol: WCT time 4285.51, iteration CPU time 0.05, COMM 0.01, cpu-wait 0.02, comm-wait 0.0 (57000 iterations)
Info:Quadratic Characters: Starting
Info:Quadratic Characters: Total cpu/real time for characters: 163.88/38.8057
Info:Square Root: Starting
Info:Square Root: Creating file of (a,b) values
Warning:Command: Process with PID 5600 finished with return code -11
Error:Square Root: Program run on server failed with exit code -11
Error:Square Root: Command line was: /root/Math/cado-nfs/build/c3c/sqrt/sqrt -poly ./snap/c155.poly -prefix ./snap/c155.dep.gz -purged ./snap/c155.purged.gz -index ./snap/c155.index.gz -ker ./snap/c155.kernel -dep 0 -t 8 -side0 -side1 -gcd > ./snap/c155.sqrt.stdout.5 2> ./snap/c155.sqrt.stderr.5
Error:Square Root: Stderr output (last 10 lines only) follow (stored in file ./snap/c155.sqrt.stderr.5):
Error:Square Root: 	Alg(3): start lifting mod p^39684643 (227310479 bits) at 2731.97s
Error:Square Root: 	Alg(2): start lifting mod p^39705131 (227427833 bits) at 2733.72s
Error:Square Root: 	Alg(4): start lifting mod p^39707377 (227440697 bits) at 2781.35s
Error:Square Root: 	Alg(6): start lifting mod p^39707446 (227441093 bits) at 2814.16s
Error:Square Root: 	Alg(5): start lifting mod p^39684923 (227312083 bits) at 2816.04s
Error:Square Root: 	Alg(0): start lifting mod p^39699533 (227395768 bits) at 2837.66s
Error:Square Root: 	Alg(7): maximal sqrt bit-size = 206709593 (91% of target size)
Error:Square Root: 	Alg(7): square root lifted in 2357.35s
Error:Square Root: 	fork: Cannot allocate memory
Error:Square Root:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./", line 122, in <module>
    factors =
  File "./scripts/cadofactor/", line 5885, in run
    last_status, last_task = self.run_next_task()
  File "./scripts/cadofactor/", line 5977, in run_next_task
    return [, task.title]
  File "./scripts/cadofactor/", line 4871, in run
    raise Exception("Program failed")
Exception: Program failed
I tried resume, but the same issue.

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