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Speaking of corvids, I once saw a "discussion" between two family members -- a crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos) and a blue jay (Cyanocitta cristata). The crow was sitting on top of a wooden "telephone pole" near a large spruce tree. The blue jay's nest was almost certainly in the spruce tree -- I'd seen it flying in and out of that tree many times.

The crow was placidly sitting on top of the pole. The blue jay was frantically flitting from one end of the cross-arm to the other, loudly calling a piercing "Jeer! Jeer! Jeer!" The crow just sat there, occasionally emitting a subdued "caw." And so it went. "Jeer! Jeer! Jeer!" "Jeer! Jeer! Jeer!" Caw. "Jeer! Jeer! Jeer!" "Jeer! Jeer! Jeer!" "Jeer! Jeer! Jeer!" "Jeer! Jeer! Jeer!" Caw.

It went on and on, and was still going on when I left.
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