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Originally Posted by koekie View Post
Recently I have a bunch of suspect results on a bunch of different machines which had recently a power failure. Since all have a suspect status and I can't find exactly why, although I suspect the power failure, I want to ask if anyone is interested in an early double check of one of the following exponents:
77956897 C - Suspect 2018-02-13
77934083 C - Suspect 2018-02-10
77890711 C - Suspect 2018-02-09
77920327 C - Suspect 2018-02-08
77916463 C - Suspect 2018-02-07
77905741 C - Suspect 2018-02-05
77897749 C - Suspect 2018-02-04

Thanks in advance!
A suspect result is assigned back out as if it was a first-time check. Since those are around the smallest exponents for first-time checks I guess they'll probably be automatically assigned to someone pretty quick (within a few days or a week maybe).

In fact, it looks like all of them except M77897749 already are assigned to someone, and all within a day of when they were submitted by you. That other one is actually already double-checked and verified (your result was fine apparently).
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