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A change of plan: I have handed all the 321 factors and LLR results over to PrimeGrid. John says they hope to make a public database in the future.

I would like to thank the following for their help with "321search" over the last few years:

* Thomas Ritschel for his major contributions with sieving, crunching LLR, scripts, encouragement, discussion and ideas.
* The many loyal sievers and LLR crunchers who are listed on this subforum and at The Prime Pages
* PrimeGrid users and its organizers for their huge boost to throughput towards the n=5M goal
* Programmers: Jean and George for LLR; Paul Jobling and Geoff for their sieves; Phil Carmody for some Perl wizardry
* Xyzzy for allowing and managing this great message board

Anyone wanting to do some "321" crunching can head over to PrimeGrid, where their help will be welcomed.

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