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Default Cunningham ECM Now Futile?

Food for thought:

Has running ECM on the Cunningham tables (except for recent extensions)
now become a waste of time? Consider that since the beginning of the
year all factors except for two have been from the extensions.

EPFL ran something like 27000 curves with B1 = 10^9 on the 2+ tables
and turned up very little. They ran step 1 to 3 x 10^9 on the 2- tables.

Bruce has done extensive runs on all of the tables.
[Kudos to EPFL and Bruce]

I just finished a run of 1000 curves with first limit 500million on the 2LM
tables. As expected, nothing turned up. 1000 curves per composite
isn't a lot, but the step 1 limits were fairly high. It took me since last
summer with the resources that I have.

Rhetorical question: Are we wasting our time running ECM on the
(older part of the) Cunningham tables?
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