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QUEUED AS 13_2_874m1

13_2_874m1 is ready for e-small:
n: 4131369515587192676362528757079579368807305934859326938049114968231369470843262921508452895911468140526348264535659298926897739697777898752107451119345204395690318786775682531183927772841271527078478846206994946986386654807109929889493977251313649
skew: 0.822
type: snfs
c6: 13
c0: -4
Y1: -1
Y0: 89202980794122492566142873090593446023921664
rlim: 134000000
alim: 134000000
lpbr: 31
lpba: 32
mfbr: 62
mfba: 92
rlambda: 2.7
alambda: 3.7
test-sieve of 1kQ ranges on the -r side suggest Q from 20-165M should yield ~320M relations:
Q=20M	3040 rels, 0.246 sec
Q=40M	2703 rels, 0.257 sec
Q=60M	2255 rels, 0.306 sec
Q=80M	2080 rels, 0.321 sec
Q=100M	2197 rels, 0.306 sec
Q=120M	2135 rels, 0.322 sec
Q=140M	1894 rels, 0.358 sec
Q=160M	2016 rels, 0.376 sec
The queue is getting a bit long, so I cut 5MQ off to conserve resources. I'll still get a matrix just fine, I'll just have to wait for nearly-all relations to come in. We should consider trying to conserve Q-ranges in the short term to get more jobs sieved, especially since we have more matrix-solvers than jobs.

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