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Question prime problem

Hey all, I've been part of gimps for some time now, and in a network security course I'm doing at uni we've been given the following problem:
The project involves finding what Prof. Rivest calles "oreo cookies". These are consecutive integers (p, p+1, p+2) where p and p+2 are both prime, and the complete prime factorisation of p+1 is given. An example is (5, 2.3, 7), where "2.3" represents "two times three" (= 6). Your task is to find the largest oreo cookie you can, and send us the factorisation of p+1.

The catch is that Prof. Rivest is currently only interested in oreo cookies where p+1 is divisible by 1997.

Please note that the factorisation must be given as the product of powers of primes. For example, the factorisation of 96130371093750 should be given as:


which means 96130371093750 = 2*3(power of 2)*5(power of 17)*7.


was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on how to go about this problem?

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