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Default Help me compile Pachi GO program, please


I'm trying to compile Pachi Go game with sezero mingw64.
It's supposed to be the best free program to play GO.
Here is the latest snapshot:
I'm not an IT specialist and I couldn't compile it properly.

The system cannot find the path specified.
'target' is not recognized as an internal or external command
I've tried editing the Makefile and changing the folder names, substituting pthread with lpthread and many other things.

I've also found an older precompiled version that doen't work well with my GOGUI game interface, but includes a Makefile that could be useful:
But I couldn't compile it either, it's been created for Dev-C++.
"please include wincock2.h"....
y * *
gcc.exe: unrecognized option '-static-libstdc++'
Could you tell me what makefile should I use, please?
The official pachi site doesn't give much support for Windows nor mingw.


Best regards
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