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[Fri Dec 10 21:38:31 2004]
Iter: 1171025/1501805, ERROR: SUM(INPUTS) != SUM(OUTPUTS), 2169307691269793 != 2163450011203430
Possible hardware failure, consult the readme file.
Continuing from last save file.
Now I know what's the problem here. It's all about java. I usually run DHEP project and it uses java. Sometimes speed crunching gets slower because of java. Something about 16bits/32 bits, probably I am saying a big mistake, I don't know! Then I get a java error. I am using IBM java sdk 1.4.0 windows version.
What I know is everytime this happens I change to LLRP4 and that hardware failure error occurs.

Today I found that a friend also has that java problem.
It just vanish by itself a few days after, or by rebooting the computer. Stupid thing!


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