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Originally Posted by drkirkby View Post
You later wrote they were 103313627 and 103785107, which have now been done. But how did you discover those two unassigned exponents? I am aware of the link to find assigned exponents in the 103,000,000 to 104,000,000 range
(currently only 9 of them), but are unaware of any reasonably fast way of finding unassigned exponents in a particular range.
If you mean Aaron (user Madpoo), he's basically a magician - he's in charge of the PrimeNet server. Therefore it's easy for him to make a direct search in the database. But even a regular PrimeNet user can do it, by carefully looking through detailed exponent status for the exponent range 103M - 104M. With enough time on your hands, you can check which exponents are not assigned. 54206 exponents are not that much, considering most of them are factored...
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