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Originally Posted by Kebbaj View Post
Indeed it is Josephus Problem.
In example 1 of the wheel with q = 5:
1 round removes the 5
2nd round remove the 3
3rd round removes the 8 and remains 1,2,3,6,7
The next round is the 7 which will jump.
But what I don't understand is example 2.
"a set of k numbers unwinnable"?
You are right dieter, having this advantage here of reexplaining in more detail is an additional advantage that you did not have. Sometimes I understand very quickly, and sometimes my brain crashes.
This time it's google translate which played a trick on me. By translating into French.
Wrong translation:
"he will not be able to win exactly this set after n-k spins.
"il ne pourra pas gagner exactement cet ensemble après nk tours"

nk: 9 * 5 = 45 turns that blocked me. And I did not reread the English version. ( je sents mieux les choses en Français).

I know that if I block the first day of the puzzle, it's gone for a total block.

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