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Indeed it is Josephus Problem.
In example 1 of the wheel with q = 5:
1 round removes the 5
2nd round remove the 3
3rd round removes the 8 and remains 1,2,3,6,7
The next round is the 7 which will jump.
But what I don't understand is example 2.
"a set of k numbers unwinnable"?
„There are no unwinnable sets for n smaller than 9“. An example:

n=8, k=4=number of spins. When the player chooses a number q and makes 4 spins, he gets a combination of 4 different numbers between 1 and 8. When he chooses another q, he gets perhaps another combination - or the same combination.
There are (8 choose 4) = 70 such combinations. All are reachable, if you ckeck enough values for q.
Example n=9 und k=4. There are 126 possible quintetts of values. But this time, only 123 of these values are reachable - (1,2,5,8,9) and (2,3,4,5,8) and (2,5,6,7,8) are not reachable. Just for fun I checked 1<=q<=10000000 - no chance .
These three combinations are "unwinnable sets".
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