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Default Congratulations !

Waowwww ! Two new Wagstaff PRPs !!
That's tremendous, wonderful, extraordinary, etc. I'm missing (english) words !

The sad side of this nice story is that my own Wagstaff PRP now looks quite small...
Moreover, Diep, Jeff, and Paul spent a lot of time looking for such a Wagstaff PRP with no luck up to now. I hope that they will have some success some day. They deserve it.

So, now we need someone to provide a proof of Vrba-Reix conjecture ! so that PRPs become true primes ! I hope to see that before I die. Some years ago, I promissed 100€ for such a proof. Now, I would give 200€. Anyone to contribute and add some € or $ to build a reward ?

On my side, I'm now making photographs:‎
that's fun too !


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