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Your data save files from that list, which you need to continue the tests, are p332199319 (I think this one is the 100M digit LL test), p01C0989, p3W73763. The same names with .bu and .bu2 extensions are normally slightly older backup versions of the data save files from those tests.

Of course, everything now depends on when those data files were made, and whether they've been overwritten by other versions when your tests restarted. So you need to look at the dates and times of last alteration: use the -l extension of the ls command ("ls -l") in Linux to show these times.

In worktodo.txt you can see what is currently being worked on (or was being worked on the last time mprime was running, assuming it had access to the file then). You need to make sure that this file contains what you want it to before running mprime.

Tip: make copies of what you have and store them elsewhere before you do anything else, certainly before you start mprime again!
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