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Congrats to Shawn!!

Based on your posted progress data, a rough calculation suggests finding the next factor via ECM has an expected time of about 20000 core-days on an i7 2600K. Now that the number has been "cracked" down to 168 digits, a very rough estimate of GNFS difficulty is about 500 core-days on the same CPU. (I'm sure someone with more experience will correct my estimates.)

And while the other thread acknowledges it isn't the smallest 2+ Table composite cofactor, it is clearly the smallest unfactored ElevenSmooth composite cofactor.

I'm afraid it is much bigger than anything I've ever attempted, but I bet you will find a set of users/projects who have the capability of handling a 168-digit GNFS and the interest in finding the last factor of a future Cunningham Table entry. I would be happy to contribute some cycles if there is a distributed effort.

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