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Cool Troll

Originally Posted by ewmayer
"Troels" is apparently the Danish spelling of a similar-sounding english word.

Ernst do you mean troll? My RD Dict. says

troll: (Scand. myth) one of a race of supernatural beings formerly conceived as giants, now in Denmark and Sweden, as dwarfs, inhabiting in caves and subterranean dwellings

I googled his name. Troels Munkner. He is mentioned in the Dept. of orthopaedics since 1977.

Well I contacted him by PM and received 4 communications from him which I have stored.

When I asked him his address, as he offered to sell his book to me, not thru publishers, but directly from him for $15 advance. He said the publishers returned all available extra copies

I then asked him his address by PM. I could not contact him at all after that.

Mysterious indeed.

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