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Default 4-5M Reservations

updated 5:55:56 AM, Tues, Sept 23, 2008


These mega-prime candidates have at least 1323327 decimal digits
They have been sieved for divisors less than 271.2 trillion
Here are 249 candidates contained in 4 input files ready for LLR testing

An average file of 58 candidates will take about three weeks to process on an average Pentium computer -- each number taking around 14 hours; 64-bit AMDs 15 hours per core; 2.4Ghz Core2Duo/Quad around 10 hours per core

The 321 Reservations System :
(0) Make ready your system, maybe by creating as many directories as the number of cores you want to use for this project
(1) Download and decompress the program LLR-3.7.1c (Linux or Windows)
(2) Choose a range from the list below that no one else has recently reserved further below
(3) Leave a message here to reserve your chosen range
(4) Download the corresponding input file(s) -- all done
(5) Run LLR with your new input file(s)
(6) When finished, email the results file(s) to
(7) To continue go back to step 2

(Alternatively to the above steps, just email me.)

Range of a 1000 n :: Candidates in file
4396000-4397000 :: 61
4397000-4398000 :: 60
4398000-4399000 :: 60
4399000-4400000 :: 68

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