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Originally Posted by kuratkull View Post
Looks like a fun way to get into primes - it's something that would have aroused my interest a decade ago. But am I overlooking something? All these(the ones in the PDF) would take up to a second to find.
Hi all, Thank you for your interest Kuratkull.

Most of the prime lists I found were at least an overnight calculation.

I used the isprime() function in Maple and it is quite slow. But easy to use. I only learned 3 computer languages - Pascal, Maple, and HTML. I spent over two months of computer calculation back in 2006 to come up with some original calculations of shortest prime constellations. Lets look at the 9-tuples - in the These are linked from "Search for Prime Constellations.pdf" file in this thread.

I did 200 prime number entries in the sequence. Then Dana Jacobsen did 800 more, taking the list to 1,000.

Now Normah Luhn has taken the lists even further and is actively working on it in 2021.
check line 27. List of the smallest prime k-tuplets.


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