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Originally Posted by Zhangrc View Post
The bug […]
This problem is really hard to reproduce – I tried multiple times over multiple versions. Sometimes it is there, sometimes not. I remember some posts in the past mentioning this problem, it even occurred to me that I myself reported it some time ago – but I could not find it then.

The problem happens when the text box looses focus. In the video, you can see that it changes back briefly to 3 when the window gets closed, but only if you enter a smaller value.

But lets have a look at the code… The problem is (assumption here, but I'm relatively sure) the function min_cores_for_work_pref which gets called from the event handler when leaving the text box. These lines are important (from 30.6b4 source):
cores = cores * 24 / CPU_HOURS;
if (cores > (int) NUM_CPUS) cores = NUM_CPUS;
You have NUM_CPUS = 8 in your example. Assuming you set 8 h per day, cores = cores * 24 / 8. Since cores is set to 1 before that snippet, because you are not running 100M digit tests (then it would be 4), cores will be 3 afterward. This value gets returned (in this case 3) and set back into the text box (lines 328-332 and 335, 336 and 339-340 in WorkerDlg.c). This should happen for CPU_HOURS from 8 to 11, inclusively.

@George: You might have to set your CPU hours per day to e.g. 1, have multiple workers and then should be able to reproduce this.

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