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Originally Posted by Harvey563 View Post
I am getting the following warning in the runtime log:

Jul 26, 2021, 5:43:30 AM WARNING sh: 1: /content/ecm: Permission denied

Is this a problem?

"!chmod -R 777 /content/ecm" doesn't help.

OK, I think I have it fixed. Thanks for pointing it out to me. (I guess I'm going to have to look at all my other Colab threads that use ECM, as well.)

To manually fix, change the line:
     print(line.rstrip().replace('ecm_path=../gmp-ecm/bin/ecm', 'ecm_path=/content/ecm'))
    print(line.rstrip().replace('ecm_path=../gmp-ecm/bin/ecm', 'ecm_path=/usr/local/bin/ecm'))
Remember to keep the four leading spaces. Also remember that if you've already run the session without the change, you will need to terminate and reconnect the session to clear all the original work.

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