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However, have the balls to quote your source and don't pretend to engage in good faith when employing sarcasm and playing the false victim.
I'm genuinely hurt -- I am acting in good faith and not playing the victim. It takes time and energy to write these posts and try to interpret what is written here.

Originally Posted by jwaltos View Post
Silverman, if that is who you meant is the "great mind"
He's the one from whom I lifted the phase "word salad".

Originally Posted by jwaltos View Post
And please don't try to engage these "unripe" (or ripe, however you prefer) statements as they will only waste your time. Gauss had an aversion to Boetians for good reason. I thought what I had written was clear enough in lay terms but obviously not and despite the presentation the input was appreciated.
At least three members are confused as to what problem(s) you are speculating about. Speaking for myself only, I would prefer to discuss a mathematical problem than to attempt to intuit which problem was intended.
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