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Default now HERE'S a puzzle.

There are three doors on a remote island. By two of the doors, there is a native standing. One native always tells the truth, one always lies. By the third door stands Monty Hall.

The natives have words for yes and no. They are "ra" and "ta," but you don't know which is which.

The natives, of course, come from villages where each person has either a red or a green dot on their foreheads. If a native discovers his or her color, then that native, out of civic duty, kills {his,her}self the next day at noon. 6 days ago, Monty Hall visited each village, proclaiming "I see a red dot," in the truthful village, and "I do not see a red dot," in the village of liars. (He was lying, of course; he just wanted to be consistent with the local customs.)

One of the natives drives a Toyota and the other an Oldsmobile. Monty Hall recently traded a barometer for one of these cars. The native that drove the Toyota is the island ruler who has a beautiful green-dotted truth-telling heir apparent who has not yet killed {him,her}self. The other native owns a tiger. At least one of these natives is male.

Behind the three doors are (not necessarily in this order):
1. a viscious, deadly tiger who always kills the person that releases him.
2. a car containing twelve coins (one fake) and a scale
3. a {lady,prince} you love entertaining the members of U2 with a flashlight.

Monty Hall, of course, will open the door not containing U2, then give you the option of switching doors. With one question, can you become the new ruler and kill Monty Hall in the process?
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