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Default Useful aliquot-sequence links

Here are a few links I thought of:

Mersennewiki article on aliquot sequences: a good place to start.

Wolfgang Creyaufm├╝ller's aliquot homepage. The original research page. He took all the sequenes to 80 digits and was extending this to 100 until he stopped due to energy prices. The latest status of many sequences is here, but the database is more up to date. Get the alq/elf conversion utilities from this section.

Aliquot sequences from the Trenches: the most frequently updated page, with all the latest news. There is also a file with the current status of all the sequences from 10000-100000 there, and a long list of downdriver acquisitions. There are some links, too.

Frank Schickel's site: there is a charting program posted there. Also available are .alq files and lists of sequences for the 100-200k range. Also available are some in the 210-250k range.

Aliquot sequences on Syd's database: find the latest status of a lot of sequences here, and upload your own work to the database here!

From mklasson:

I've made a little home for aliqueit as well that will always have the latest version: (similar to the ubasic program except it's C++ and created this millenium )

From kar_bon (Also linked from Clifford's site:)

here's another one:

with some links too (2 broken)

From Batalov:

Wieb Bosma's pages. He has extended all sequences in the 250000-400000 range to 100 digits, and is working on 400000-450000. However, his files aren't available...

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