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Originally Posted by R.D. Silverman
The issue is NOT whether anyone misunderstood. The *intent* of the question was totally clear.
So, your teaching inefficient communication forms (due to massive redundancy) and the renunciation of pragmatism for the sake of - ultimate correctness in a Lounge-posting whose core is hardly about math at all (or would it make a difference if the question was "Will we find a new rhyme below an aussie foo?")?

Somehow this reminds me of bureaucracy: "It's inefficient and superfluous doing so... but you have to do so!"

That does NOT preclude my trying to teach people to be more precise
in their mathematical phrasing.
I don't know if you are aware of it...
but I haven't heard of anyone yet that favors this special "help" of yours - at least when we have situations like this one.
There really are situations when your advice is appreciated, no question.
But please refrain from those comments above.

All you achieve is:

1. Bad atmosphere in the forums.
2. Antipathy towards your person, already showing in the unwillingness helping you (which is sad).
3. A lot of wasted time due to senseless discussions, which will never change anyone's opinion (here, we bridge to inefficiency again).

What you will definitely not achieve:

4. A change of mind towards your demand.

I'm quite sure this is not what you intend - but I'm quite confident this is what you cause.

And by the way... There are other prime searching projects discussed in this forum... Not all primes discussed herein are Mersenne primes.
As you said: "The *intent* of the question was totally clear."
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