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What is the difference in relations needed between TD=120 and TD=100? (Do we have this data?)

We think a GPU could do a TD=100 job faster than a CPU could do a TD=120 job.

Personally, we don't mind having to rerun matrix building if there aren't enough relations. We don't know if it is a drag for the admins to add additional relations, but if it isn't a big deal the project could probably run more efficiently.

There doesn't seem to be a shortage of LA power so maybe the project could skew a bit in favor of more jobs overall with less relations per job? Is the bottleneck server storage space?

What percentage in CPU-hours is the sieving versus the post-processing work? Does one additional hour of post-processing "save" 1000 hours of sieving? More? Less?

(We lack the technical knowledge and vocabulary to express what we are thinking. Hopefully what we wrote makes a little sense.)

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