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Originally Posted by kruoli View Post
The Solution to the fan problem was a 3D printed adapter for fans on one end. The ones I used originally were to slow so upgraded them later on. The 3D model was taken from thingify without edits.
For my recent 3 x Radeon7 open test-frame build, once I housed the completed beast at back of my desk under an open-sided glass-top monitor stand (which I jury-rigged to double the original 4" max adjustable-leg height, even with free airflow from the front and sides the R7s were throttling big-time (and they were downclocked to the Linux/ROCm sclk = 3 setting, which translates to ~150W per card). My solution was to buy a compact corded (= serious airflow, none of this wimpy-ass USB-fan crap) desktop fan which I placed at left edge of monitor stand to blast air across the machine - see pic below. That gave good enough airflow that the GPU at the left end, the one closest to fan whose triple-air-intake gets air directly from the desktop fan, doesn't even need its own fans - even at the higher sclk=4 (200W) setting, its fan are basically idling. One could do a similar build with a Xeon Phi card in that location, except I don't know if the Phi's airflow needs would be met with the same kind of positioning - based on the PCI-bus location is eBay seller pics, replacing the leftmost R7 in my pic with a Phi would put the blue decorative top plate facing the fan - is that designed to dissipate processor heat or not? How about air hitting the circuit-board-revealing bottom face of the Phi at a right angle?
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