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Arrow characters!

Originally Posted by m_f_h View Post
It depends on what the "." and "*" mean (in regular expressions (regexp) the former represent an arbitrary character, in DOS command lines the latter represent an arbitrary sequence of characters ;
finally [ ] might be the "Gaussklammer"...
Sorry for the confusion.

2.*sq.rt (2/3) = sq.rt. [2*(2/3)] ? Yes or No ?

means 2 multiplied by the square root of 2/3 = square root of 2 multiplied by 2/3. So in one side the 2 is outside the square root on the other 2 is inside the square root.

* is multiplication, []are brackets, Its not the Gaussklammer.
'.' is full stop.
It is not a riddle! Its just a maths curiosity which looks odd and that it is wrong but it is right.

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