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The description of possible slide moves seems lacking. It just says "can slide the rows and columns", which seems to imply arbitrary direction/amount of slide. After example of rows, for columns it says "By sliding a column we do the same, sliding cells down or up." - "down or up" seems to imply at least direction of one-move slides is choosable.

However, the answer format only specifies which row/column to slide, and no other information. And the puzzle seems trivial if even one-move left/up slides are allowed, given the wraparound and mouse moving with the cells - keep mouse the in up-left cell, move that cell one left to wrap to right edge, keep mouse in up-right, move that cell up to wrap in down-right, keep mouse there to finish puzzle.

My guess for the intended puzzle is that you can only move rows one block right and columns one block down. Any other alternatives?
No. That‘s my understanding, too.
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