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Originally Posted by Batalov View Post
I think about A), and possibly redirecting the CPU power into the soon to emerge "Cyclo"tomic-based project. It is similar to F)+H), and indeed, only focuses on numbers for which special FFT exists.

Initially, it will probably be on PrimeGrid's PRPnet, as most budding projects are. I can provide my LLR implementation for their CPU participants, and Cyclo is OpenCL so it will run on any modern* GPU.
*this excludes only very old and cheap cards that don't have double float.
I believe that putting this onto PRPNet would require a new server type. I presume that Cyclo would run on the client side and do the PRP testing. That would require additional changes to the client. As PRPNet is open source (via sourceforge) if someone wants to work on it, let me know now I'll give you access to the repository.
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