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QUEUED AS 11_244m

GCW 11,244- was partially sieved by Paul Leyland using CADO. He managed to gather just over 250M raw relations in total. Oliver (@kruoli) then brought it into the GGNFS/msieve world for purposes of completing sieving and running LA with advice from @VBCurtis.

The job file to be run is given below. Note the average lim is 134M but skewed to maximize yield at low Q. The SNFS polynomial is that used with CADO.

n: 59604431875616997540152688204545569049819749917170451068794215371230414188847099549262200891822015948765596780937136724927971965321509995220613945897276969991327366051925725841347340587537826789493239903848371809383153
skew: 0.0808797696154388
type: snfs
size: 257
c0: -1
c6: 3572404
Y0: -452592555681759518058893560348969204658401
Y1: 1
rlim: 90000000
alim: 178000000
lpbr: 32
lpba: 32
mfbr: 64
mfba: 64
rlambda: 2.8
alambda: 2.8
We expect a Q range of 30-80M sieved on the rational side to generate approximately 200M raw relations. When combined with the earlier relations dataset from CADO, the total relation count should be enough to build a reasonable matrix. Of course a higher than expected duplicate rate may require bumping up the top Q value.

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