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Default Team drive #17: k=400-600 n=2M-3M

This is team drive #17 for No Prime Left Behind. We will be searching all k=400-600 for n=2M-3M.

A PRPnet server will be processing a large part of the range. See this thread for information on our currently operating PRPnet servers. The info specific to this server that needs to be entered into your prpclient.ini file is:

Please report all primes found in Report all k<=1001 primes here thread. For manual ranges, please report all reservations/statuses/completions for this drive in this thread, and post all results files in this thread or send them to Gary at: gbarnes017 at gmail dot com.

Please report all top-5000 primes with a project ID of 'NPLB'. Also credit the programs LLR, Psieve, and Srsieve.

New primes found from drive #17:
    Prime          found by
591*2^2190433-1  Luminescence
573*2^2176326-1  Luminescence
587*2^2175602-1  Luminescence
453*2^2165267-1  Luminescence
537*2^2153392-1  Luminescence
415*2^2153341-1  Luminescence
567*2^2146332-1  Luminescence
587*2^2142136-1  Luminescence
571*2^2141727-1  Luminescence
483*2^2136414-1  Luminescence
473*2^2130944-1  Luminescence
545*2^2122250-1  Luminescence
579*2^2116044-1  Luminescence
571*2^2113491-1  Luminescence
523*2^2098043-1  Luminescence
435*2^2089948-1  Luminescence
423*2^2088102-1  Luminescence
405*2^2076673-1  Luminescence
585*2^2075384-1  Luminescence
501*2^2067915-1  brucemoreg
441*2^2067233-1  Luminescence
447*2^2063218-1  brucemoreg
477*2^2057225-1  Luminescence
589*2^2055877-1  Luminescence
551*2^2051922-1  Luminescence
541*2^2049193-1  Luminescence
431*2^2043666-1  Luminescence
425*2^2026610-1  Luminescence
559*2^2023437-1  Luminescence
569*2^2021884-1  Luminescence
Primes confirmed from drive #17:
  Prime          found by
405*2^2152377-1  Luminescence
405*2^2137280-1  Luminescence
  n-range    tested by       Status        # primes
2100K-2200K  PRPnet (G9000)  in progress     14 (plus 2 confirmed)
2000K-2100K  PRPnet (G9000)  complete        16
All remaining known primes for this drive as of 2022/11/06:
Let's go find some primes!


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