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The readme.txt file list section seems to indicate they'll have alpha first char, numeric ASCII for exponent. But the 7 N's don't fit even current DC exponents.

cNNNNNNN,cNNNNNNN.buN    Intermediate files produced during certification runs.
pNNNNNNN,pNNNNNNN.buN    Intermediate files produced by prime95.exe to resume computation where it left off.
pNNNNNNN.residues    Large intermediate file produced during PRP test for constructing a PRP proof.
pNNNNNNN.proof        PRP proof file.
eNNNNNNN,eNNNNNNN.buN    Intermediate files produced during ECM factoring.
fNNNNNNN,fNNNNNNN.buN    Intermediate files produced during trial factoring.
mNNNNNNN,mNNNNNNN.buN    Intermediate files produced during P-1 factoring.
I didn't see an explanation for the leading or embedded alpha characters.
Nothing relevant to that found searching readme, whatsnew, or undoc, for "file" or "8.3".
Where's it to be found?

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