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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
Also p8U82187 of M55882187
pA853833.* from PRP-CF of M10853833
(and more examples like the above)
To be fair, we know (and always knew) how to decode those, there is some explanation in those .txt files sent with P95, which no one reads them ever. But it would be indeed wonderful if George fix the checkpoint names and temp file names, to something more clear and palatable, considering the new invention called "long file names".
We wouldn't mind zero-filled names to 9 positions, so we can sort them properly in the folder when there are different numbers of digits (edit: like for example M098765432_blah_blah.bkp, to be sorted before M123456789_blah_blah.bkp, and not M98765432_blah_blah.bkp).

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