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Default Prime95: INI_FILE settings limited to 80 characters

This is taken from the source file for version 30.3b6.
In the common.c file the various INI settings are defined as e.g.
IniGetString (INI_FILE, "local.ini", LOCALINI_FILE, 80, LOCALINI_FILE);
IniGetString (INI_FILE, "worktodo.ini", WORKTODO_FILE, 80, WORKTODO_FILE);
IniGetString (INI_FILE, "results.txt", RESFILE, 80, RESFILE);
which limits the value to 80 characters.

I was trying to write the log file to a different directory than where the binary file and the prime.txt/local.txt are, and if you're using a longer file name (e.g. by adding the date and time) or a longer directory name, these 80 characters can be exceeded, which in turn cuts off the name of the file that is generated in the provided directory.

Directory of the prime95.exe: D:\Benchmarking\Prime95\30.3b6\binaries\
Directory of results.txt file: D:\Benchmarking\Prime95\30.3b6\logs\
Name of results.txt: Prime95_results_2020-12-31_23_59_59_FFT_248-8192.txt

Expected file name:

Actual file name (cut off after 80 characters):

Is there any particular reason why there's a limit to 80 characters and not to ~260 characters like Windows supports?

I seem to have been able to work around this by setting the WorkingDir= directive to one level above the directory where the .exe is located then setting prime.ini=, local.ini= and results.txt= as a relative path from that directory.
It appears to be working, but it seems unnecessarily complicated.

These are the resulting entries in the prime.txt, of course, they're only examples.
(I also find it a bit weird that you can set the file name for the prime.ini/txt in that exact prime.txt.)
So I'd suggest to change the 80 character limit to something higher in a future release so that these kind of workarounds aren't required anymore.

(Also, for more than just stress testing, you'd probably have to modify the other settings as documented in undoc.txt to the relative path as well.)

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