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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
This tells everything about your opinion toward us: we are just some idiots, blindly following your analysis.
No, LaurV. Despite your obviously anger-biased accusation, those who consider the history of this game (or read the team subforum later when it is unlocked) can see that it's wrong.

If I actually had the attitude you (falsely) accuse me of having, then I wouldn't have spent all that time praising the rest of the team for noticing what I had failed to notice because I had some "blind spot", during analysis of earlier moves.

Note that my complaint about your action is based on your own violation of the voting procedure that you introduced.

In regard to my judgement of the move, my complaint is that you didn't wait for the completion of analysis, _not_ that you didn't post the move I favored, which might be expected if I really had the attitude you falsely accuse me of having.

I've never, ever implied that you have been blindly following my analysis. I've always expected that you would examine it carefully in case I had errors or oversights.

I've never, ever implied that only my analysis was to be heeded; never, ever that any other team member's analysis ability or quality was deficient in some way; never, ever that anyone else's analysis that conflicted with mine was to be disregarded. Again, there I've never acted in the way that would be consistent with the attitude you falsely accuse me of having.

Further, there have been several occasions in which someone else on the team has spotted a flaw in my analysis -- on none of those occasions have I ever reacted in anger, as one might expect if I actually did have the attitude you accuse me of having. Instead, I've always expressed gratitude for the way that others have seen past my "blind spots".

All I expect now is not blind following of my analysis but simply respect for my analysis -- that you wait to see what the rest of my analysis indicates about the choice of moves (especially since we were/are not under time pressure because of an imminent deadline). You've usually given my analysis that respect, except only on a few previous occasions when you hastily posted a move. I'm sorry to see you fail to give it that respect on this move, when we still had four days before our deadline.

And I'm sad that you still seem to be letting your anger influence some statements about me that you're currently posting. Again, as above, I remain ready to forgive the mistakes you are now making because of letting too much anger influence your words. You're passionate, and that passion has been a force for good on some occasions earlier in this game when you advocated a more aggressive move that I did (and when you calm down, you will remember that in those cases I thanked you for persuading me to give attention to the more-aggressive moves).

We can't judge for ourselves which move is good and which not.
If that actually were my attitude (which it's not -- I consider you perfectly capable of judging whether a move is good or bad, only sometimes wanting you to wait to see further analys9is before making a final decision), why would I ever have graciously and gratefully accepted corrections where other team member pointed out mistakes I had made in analysis? You know very well that I've done the latter.

We are not. We posted the moves because we considered them being best, or because we were outvoted. Don't insult our intelligence
I'm not insulting your intelligence. I'm protesting your haste -- your disregard for the very voting procedure that _you_ proposed that we adopt, and that we did adopt because of its obvious usefulness.

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