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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
[edit: it is true that we didn't explicitly voted for this move, we have a rule to explicitly vote - with points - for each move, rule which was introduce by me (as opposed to "by cheesehead")
In order to avoid a possible mistake in interpreting that phrase, let me make clear that I was never opposed to the voting system, and that, in fact, I enthusiastically agreed with LaurV's voting proposal. I don't think LaurV intended to signify that I opposed the voting system, but I just want to avoid a potential misinterpretation here.

the game is clear, even my daughter can play it from here!]
I disagree that it is so clear that anyone could play it. Black still has strengths, and White can still make mistakes.

but he is quite a pitty as a person. I don't know if this is the right English word,
"pity" has only one "t"
I don't want to look too harsh, this is not my intentions, but he uses EVERY opportunity he has (like in the dispute with Ernst and other people here around) to make the people around him to show him compassion.

What I have done both here and there is to state my position as accurately as possible so as not to be misunderstood, not to wring compassion from anyone else.

If there's anything I want to wring from other people, it's a correct understanding instead of a mistaken understanding. (Compassion can then be decided on a fair and proper basis of understanding.)

In my dispute with Ernst, there is an additional factor that is NOT present here: Ernst has actively sought, over a period of more that two years, to deceive readers of his posts in regard to my judgement capability. Ernst's deception has gone so far as even to falsely convince a few unwary forum members who didn't really know me that I have a mental impairment that prevents me from perceiving reality. Ernst never expresses remorse for his deceptions when I expose them; he just mounts a campaign to ruin my reputation.

LaurV has never done anything even remotely like that. These two cases are far, far different because of that!

I regret that LaurV has flung that false accusation, and I'm willing to chalk it up as just a mistake on his part while he is emotionally reacting ... just as I have made similar mistakes in the past, on this forum and elsewhere, when I was in the midst of a strong emotional reaction to some event.

@Xyzzy: Please change the SP subforum rights so cheesehead can't acceess it anymore, till the game ends, unless he came to better feelings.
As LaurV can see when he reviews my most recent posts, I have already declared that I have erased my record of the password, so that I can no longer log in to the Game 2 discussion by Pirates even if I wanted to.

(Furthermore, I never made my browser remember that password, as it remembers other login passwords.)

The game continues as it is, unless WMH agreee with cheesehead here, in which case I am out of the team outvoted by the majority, as being the asshole boss.
Though I mentioned that a previous post could be interpreted as a complaint about LaurV's captainship. I declared that it was not to be so considered because instead I was resigning from the team.

[edit2: just for recording, cheesehead also argued repeatedly
(twice, but LaurV doesn't mention that I eventually agreed with most of his argument against conditional moves, and withdrew my proposal for that)
to "speed up the game", by offering conditional moves
... which is not the same as arguing that we should hurry up to post our move, which was something I repeatedly and consistently opposed.

I don't recall ever using the phrase "speed up the game" in connection with my proposal to use conditional moves, so that's not a quote of my words.

, to which I was against, due to the discussion with Brian and the others at the beginning of the game,
(and I eventually agreed, in the discussion, that his argument should prevail)

but the argument from cheesehead to speed up the game still stands,
No, it does NOT still stand, because I already agreed in the team discussion that LaurV's argument against conditional moves should prevail.

I regret that LaurV doesn't mention that here, and has mistakenly given the impression that I still advocate for conditional moves even now. As above, I'm willing to chalk up that error to his still being in the emotional reaction to this event.

so I don't see any fault of myself posting this move.
That disavowal is false, as I've already noted:

1) Earlier in this game, I repeatedly requested that LaurV NOT BE SO HASTY to post our moves. You can see that I've already protested the haste of posting this move, and LaurV's disregard for that request.

2) As LaurV now admits, we had not yet taken a vote on this move. Since LaurV is the one who proposed this voting scheme originally, as he's (rightly) proud to claim earlier in his post, it seems strange that he would disavow responsibility for having skipped that procedure this time.

There was no argument in the forum about the move, there was no alternative offered.
YET. But I was not yet finished with analysis.

I usually analyze the game only in weekends, rarely during weeknights, after work, and I hopped the Geckos answer fast, there is nothing to think about the next move,
On the contrary: there is plenty to think about for the next move!
so we get the answer before the weekend. Call it selfish if you like]
In this particular case that ("selfish") seems like a good call.

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