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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
There is no other better move,
... unless, of course, in further analysis during the time we had remaining before the deadline, we had discovered that 34 Bh3+ was not the best move, after all, because it had some flaw that rendered it less desirable than some other move.

and it was cheesehead's move,
I had not yet said that 34 Bh3+ was my choice! I was in the middle of analyzing it, and I had discovered and posted two favorable continuations for us, but I had not yet posted my analysis of a third continuation which could have been very bad for us

Saying that 34 Bh3+ was my move is not proper.

(To say that 34 Bh3+ was my proposal is proper, but to say that 34 Bh3+ was my move -- implying that it was my announced conclusion -- is not proper.)

It was the move he proposed,
... just as I proposed alternatives on previous game moves that I ultimately decided, after further analysis, were not the best moves, so that I eventually voted against that particular proposal.

that he voted for it by analyzing it deeper and deeper in each post.
On previous moves, I sometimes analyzed one possibility deeper and deeper in each post, only to discover a fatal flaw in that possible move, so that I then turned my attention to different possibilities and ultimately voted for one of them.

We all VOTED for this move
No, we _never_ held a vote!

On previous moves, we always signified our votes with something like:


34 xxx - 5
34 yyy - 4
34 zzz - 2

But we had not yet done that on this move. For proof, ask LaurV to show you our numeric vote values for each move. He won't be able to show you that, because we had _NOT_ yet voted!

(including WMH, see his post when the forum will become public) either by proposing it or sustaining it with analysis.
LaurV's claim that proposing a move or "sustaining" a move is the same as making the numerical vote on a move is something we never agreed to.

And I am still the team's captain, as I know.
Yes, you are, and you've made it crystal clear that you didn't like being outvoted on our last move, where you favored 33 Nb5 instead of 33 Nxc8 -- except that when we VOTED on move 33, the numeric votes for 33 Nxc8 were more than the numeric votes for 33 Nb5,


you, LaurV, could have made the final vote total come out in favor of 33 Nb5 by voting 5 points for it and zero points for Nxc8. That's why I, at least, did NOT vote 5 for Nxc8 and 0 for Nb5 -- instead I gave Nc5 some votes in order to show that I was willing to be outvoted in total by someone who was so enthusiastic about Nb5 over Nxc8 that he'd vote 5-0 in favor of Nb5.

That's what we did on previous votes: register how strongly we were in favor of a move by showing how much numeric difference in vote number that we gave to a move -- precisely in order to allow one team member who felt very strongly about one move to outvote the other members who were not as committed to other moves.

LaurV, you could have made the move 33 vote total come out in favor of Nb5 if you had wanted to ... but you didn't.

Later, you told us you thought we threw away a win with 33 Nxc8. I see now how strongly you felt that, because you decided to disregard the rest of the team on move 34, and just post a move on impulse so you could blame the result on the other team members besides yourself.

- - -

Perhaps the best solution would be to revoke not only White's 34 Nh3+ move, but also White's 33 Nxc8 move, and substitute 33 Nb5 for continuing the game from there. That way, LaurV can't blame me or anyone else for throwing away the win.

If I am deemed eligible, after resigning from the Pirates team, still to make a recommendation, I recommend substituting 33 Nb5 in place of 33 Nxc8 for White's move 33, and continuing the game from there.

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