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Well, that's it. Good bye cheesehead.

I am not sorry for the fact that I posted the move. There is no other better move, and it was cheesehead's move, not that it was my move and he had another one. It was the move he proposed, that he voted for it by analyzing it deeper and deeper in each post. We all VOTED for this move (including WMH, see his post when the forum will become public) either by proposing it or sustaining it with analysis. And I am still the team's captain, as I know.

[edit: it is true that we didn't explicitly voted for this move, we have a rule to explicitly vote - with points - for each move, rule which was introduce by me (as opposed to "by cheesehead") at the beginning of the game, and everybody was enthusiastic about, you will see when the forum become public. The move with a higher number of points passes and it is posted. We didn't go through this process now, but what the hack, the game is clear, even my daughter can play it from here!]

In fact, we are totally winning this game, and this is because of cheesehead, first of all. He analyzed EVERY position, and invested a lot of time into this particular game, and you (Geckos) practically played against him. The fact you lose is his merit, and I am not going to ignore or negate this. He is a very good player, and has a lot of free time, being at his retirement age, but he is quite a pitty as a person. I don't know if this is the right English word, I don't want to look too harsh, this is not my intentions, but he uses EVERY opportunity he has (like in the dispute with Ernst and other people here around) to make the people around him to show him compassion. I don't negotiate this kind of things, I don't bargain, and I don't feel compassion. If these are his feeling, and he chose to bring them up directly here, that's it.

@Xyzzy: Please change the SP subforum rights so cheesehead can't acceess it anymore, till the game ends, unless he came to better feelings.

The game continues as it is, unless WMH agreee with cheesehead here, in which case I am out of the team outvoted by the majority, as being the asshole boss.

Anyhow, I repeat, we are winning this game because of cheesehead, and I don't want to decrease his merits in this game in any way. We had to put up with his defensive style of play repeatedly, only because (for many moves) he was the only one showing a rigorous and deep analysis of the position, which analysis we had only the easier task to follow through. The game should have ended much faster if not for cheesehead, I mean, we should either win faster (we missed few better moves because they were considered "too aggressive" by his analysis) or lose faster (you never know where aggression brings you, ).

[edit2: just for recording, cheesehead also argued repeatedly to "speed up the game", by offering conditional moves, to which I was against, due to the discussion with Brian and the others at the beginning of the game, I don't like conditional moves and I got the feeling that other team also doesn't like conditional moves, but the argument from cheesehead to speed up the game still stands, so I don't see any fault of myself posting this move. There was no argument in the forum about the move, there was no alternative offered. I usually analyze the game only in weekends, rarely during weeknights, after work, and I hopped the Geckos answer fast, there is nothing to think about the next move, so we get the answer before the weekend. Call it selfish if you like]

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