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It has nothing to do with GHz-days saved; rather, this is a known bug when manually submitting TF factor-found results. It is relatively simple to fix (say a factor is 73.63 bits, then just credit .63 of the full credit from 73 to 74) but simply has not been a priority item for the PrimeNet administrators.

You'll notice that (manually submitted) TF factors are credited as though they were found by P-1, and some (manually submitted) P-1 factors are credited as though they were found by ECM. The manual submission process will also sometimes accept a P-1 that was done to bounds B2 > B1, but record (and credit) it as though it was only done to B1.

All of this is very easy to fix, but it's the kind of thing that ends up on the back burner in favor of other more interesting/important tasks, e.g. code optimization.
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