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Perhaps we should discuss which direction to take this thread, and how to minimize confusion with the main thread.

My initial vision was to have a few smaller sequences available to introduce newcomers to the project at a level they could work with a single machine.

As it now looks, we could create a large set of available sequences, much larger than my original thoughts. This could easily spiral into a mass of confusion for us. We need to keep this coordinated with Jean-Luc and not task him too heavily.

We need also to consider yoyo in this, since he'll be needing <140 work for his hungry project.

Let's step back momentarily to prioritize project goals. We'll need Jean-Luc to help with this. Advancing the tables is going to be more intensive due to how fast the terms now get large. How does table advancement, vs. same parity termination, vs. new table additions work toward the goals that provide the data for the questions that drive this project?

My proposals, for now:
- We hold only a very few to attract newcomers and see if we do. (we need to decide how few, etc.)
- We should go ahead and terminate the rest among ourselves as we would normally do.
- - kruoli has asked for some. I'm OK with that and they aren't reserved in the tables, but I would also like input from RichD, since he provided the bulk of them.*
- - VBCurtis also expressed interest in the ones I'm bringing below 140 digits. Let's go ahead and let our members reserve and work these as we have been.*
- I'm hesitant due to workload and confusion, but we may want to use the first post as a reference to smaller, same parity, available sequences. I would accept all help in that upkeep, but again, I'd like to minimize confusion with the main thread and Jean-Luc, so the table workings don't get too complicated. Keeping up with reservations could become duplication of effort and confusion if it isn't timely.

* We still need to use the other thread for reservations so the tables get updated and I'll move any reservation posts from this one over once we've discussed this a little more. We could be more timely showing reservation status here, but would it conflict with those on the main table pages?

All comments welcome. . .
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