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Default Per iteration time

I hope no one minds my making a new topic. I haven't participated in Prime 95 for nearly a decade back when the V4 was up and running. My current test is M54938133. My computer has an I7 Q720 Quad Core on Windows 7 64 bit. My question is very simple and this thread might be helpful for other users who are completely knew or haven't participated in years as a baseline. This number is currently doing a first time LL set to display every 20 thousand iterations and it reports that as running between 0.07 and 0.08 seconds for those 20 thousand. I'd like to know if that's a good iteration time for that many as I don't remember how to calculate the exact per iteration time for one iteration. Thank you. If Prime95 himself doesn't like this thread or someone else objects, feel free to delete it or move it or whatever you would like to do.
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