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It is tricky to get a boot program installed; There are many ways. From memory, you can boot the (Ubuntu) CD and run GRUB specifying the config file and the target -- most likely /dev/hda (if primary master). The config file is most like to reside on the HDD, so you will have to have it mounted, so that the config file will be something like /media/hda/boot/grub/menu.lst ("l" not "1"). Anyway, do a "man grub" for details, and "man mount" and "man umount". HTH

ps. CDs have master/slave modes too. If CD and HDD are both set to master and share the same ribbon you might have problems...

pps. run "fdisk /dev/hda" and check the boot flag is set for the linux partition. "man fdisk" too.

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